Gutter clearing is it necessary?

Gutter Clearing. Is it necessary?

Gutter clearing is it necessary? Well the answer is clearly yes. Water is the biggest cause of damage to buildings and it is essential that you take precautions to make sure water is channeled away from the building safely by use of the guttering system. Blocked and damaged gutters will cause water to overflow onto surrounding soffits and walls causing internal and and external damp. In addition water that is not channeled properly into drains will saturate the surrounding ground, causing rising damp. Gutter clearing should form part of your annual office maintenance.

Why do gutters become blocked?

Guttering becomes blocked for many reasons here are just a few

Debris from Birds nesting
Tennis/football balls
Overgrown trees and vegetation
How do I unblock gutters?

The first thing to say, is that we do not recommend you do this yourself, as we have already mentioned in our previous posts we have a highly skilled team in place, with the latest equipment to do this for you, but if you do want to try and clean it yourself, here’s what we would suggest.

Wear non-slip sensible shoes
Get some help with the ladder, they are often heavy and difficult to maneuver
We use a leaning ladder rule, the position of the foot of the ladder is one measure to every 4 measures in height
Place the ladder on a stable and flat surface
Rest the top of the ladder on a solid wall, never on glass or sills.
Move the ladder if you can’t reach a spot, don’t lean.
Use a garden trowel and a bucket or bin liner for the debris, don’t overfill it.

Can blocked gutters cause internal damp?

Yes, blocked gutters will cause internal damp if not cleared. Internal damage is gradual, yet can have drastic consequences.

Can blocked gutters cause structural damage?

Overflowing gutters will allow water to pass facia boards and into the internal roof. Unfortunately the damage it not often visible outside so the problem is allowed to go on, eventually causing damage to the roof structure with seepage into the roof timbers

Can blocked gutters cause mould?

Development of mould and other fungal growths on internal surfaces and decorated surfaces are caused by water seeping into roof structures and water being allowed to fall onto the ground and not carried away into drains.

Does my insurance cover damage from water?

In some cases no. Most house insurance policies, domestic or commercial require the policy holder to maintain the property to a reasonable manner. Damage cause by poorly maintained guttering may not be covered on some policies.





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