solar panel cleaning

We are delighted to announce that we are now operating our solar panel cleaning business in Birmingham.

Heartlands cleaning services now offer, Solar panel cleaning in Uttoxeter, We use a pure water window cleaning system, that uses a pure water fed pole system.

We use a van mounted pure water cleaning system. There are many advantages using this method to the traditional “ladders and bucket” form of cleaning, these being able to work from the ground, cleaning the frames as well as the glass and the benefit of cleaning soap free.

Water in its purest form has zero Total Dissolved Solids in it (TDS). Pure mineral water naturally wants to bond with minerals, dirt and organic material. So when water passes through the filter process of carbon, sediment, RO filters and then on to DI resin, it is as good as rain water in purity.

The purified water travels through a hose at low pressure, up a pole and is sprayed via a jet through a cleaning brush. The dirt on the window and frame is agitated by the brush head before being rinsed off with the purified water, leaving crystal clear sterile glass.

As a business we also offer Window Cleaning, Commercial gutter clearing, Commercial office carpet cleaning, and end of tenancy carpet cleaning. See our portfolio for our complete list of services.



Commercial and Domestic Solar Panel Cleaning


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